The Association of Chain and Franchise Promotion Taiwan (ACFPT) is the largest and most experienced chain and franchise promotion organization in Taiwan. ACFPT currently has more than 350 members in 110 lines of business. Between them, these members operate more than 200,000 stores, employ more than one million staff, and generate an aggregate production value of more than TWD 1 trillion per year. Our members thus play a pivotal role in Taiwan’s economic growth and employment opportunities.


Over 90% of Taiwan’s economy is composed of small and medium enterprises. A large portion of these companies make up Taiwan’s chain and franchise industry, which is is fueled by constant innovation along with an entrepreneurial spirit. This has made Taiwan one of the world’s densest chain and franchise markets with over 2000 different brands. On December 18, 1995 the Association of Chain and Franchise Promotion, Taiwan (ACFPT) was founded .



With experience from the past and a focus on the future, Taiwan’s chain and franchise brands have over time developed successful business models and a solid foundation for the industry as a whole. Based on these successes and experiences, our association constantly innovates its support to the growth of the chain and franchise industry. It is our intention to enhance the business capabilities of our members and to enhance the power of Taiwan’s economy to maintain its growth momentum moving forward. 


Ever since its inception in 1995, our association has been committed to furthering our objectives around serving our members and fostering exchange among them. We help members to stay abreast with the latest trends by absorbing up-to-date knowhow.

It has been gratifying to observe how our members have developed themselves into solid franchising systems under the integral supporting and guiding mechanism of the Association.


As one of Asia’s largest chain and franchise associations, ACFPT has been able to help promote and perform exchanges with other international chain and franchise associations. These exchanges have helped Taiwan’s chain and franchise companies to gain more international recognition and build brands that are able to compete in the global arena.