Young Americana Supply

Year Established: 2015
Category:  Life service
Stores in Taiwan: Franchise stores: 25
Stores in Oversea: Selling products in China, Hong Kong, United States, Philippines, Macao, Korea.
Franchise Type:  Regional Franchise, Unit Franchise, Joint Venture, Materials, Equipment, Know-How



About Us

Originates from the retail shop “West Coast”set up by Dada Supreme in 1995.
The original founder,Tony Kuo created a new brand in October 2015.
Shin Tsao (Xiamen) Trading Co., Ltd. established in Xiamen.
Products are marketed to the United States, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macao,China, Taiwan etc,with its trademark in more than10 countries. 
Our goal is to become a leader in sports maintenance, fully designed to meetthe needs of users. 
Our product includes shoe care, skincare, footwear, and sportswear. 
They have been sold in more than 1,000 stores in many countries around the world.
Gradually we become the trusted premium footwear care brand in the hearts of consumers. And that is how“Y.A.S Shoe Care Center" was born! 
2019, our first shoe care center was opened in Daan, Taipei. A compound store with  simple American style mainly provides cleaning and maintenance services for shoes , hats, and bags, including shoe cleaning, color-changing, whitening, etc. It also sells  many footwear accessories, trendy accessories, shoes, clothing, and others Y.A.S products. 
Nowadays, people’s demand for footwear maintenance is increasing along with     the high unit price of sneakers. We spend a lot of time to the development and research of new products, and more services will be launched in the future. 
Our goal is to meet today's diversified footwear needs and to provide more services according to customers' needs. Since 2019, Y.A.S Shoe Care Center has widely  ex-panded that the number of stores has reached 25 so far. Stores locate including Taipei City, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan, to Hualien. 
Our goal is to achieve at least 100 or more stores within three years in Taiwan and to expand business outside Taiwan.