Frozen Heart

Year Established: 2018
Category:  Desserts
Stores in Taiwan: Chain stores: 2, Franchise stores: 20
Stores in Oversea: Canada: 1 (food truck)
Franchise Type:  Regional Franchise,Materials, Equipment, Know-How


About Us

In September 2016,we started from zero,we bought a simple table and a gas furnace then started our business.Now we set up our company and have twenty two stores in Taiwan and one store in Canada.The growth of Frozen Heart shows the potential of fried ice cream.

Fried ice cream is a magic dessert of ice and fire.Handmade scrumptious Gelato enfolded by milk toast,after fried process,it transferred to a golden crumbly appearance,you can hear the crunching sound when bitting.This rich texture made people to bite again and again.

We hope that one day we'll have lots of stores all around the world,and the world will know this amazing dessert from Frozen Heart.

The only Frozen Heart,that warms your heart.

Brand Advantages

Small Space

We only need 71.2 square feet for store.

One person

following our SOP, 1 person handle all procedure.


Zero waste! Put all pre-made material in freezer after closing.

Save Time

HQ deliver all pre-made material pack from central kitchen.

High Profit

50% profit of each fried ice cream.