KUO JER enterprise Co Ltd.

Year Established: 1976
Category:  Material Supplier
Stores in Taiwan: 1
Stores in Oversea: Export to U.S.,Japan,Vietnam,Australia,Singapore,Philippines,Mainland, China
Franchise Type:  Manufacturer,Train Company



Kuojer Enterprice 

Professional BOBA Tea One-Stop Shop -Create Your Own Brand

Kuojer Enterprise Co. Ltd. since in 1976, and it’s F&B department Cha Latte was established in 1998, who specialized for OEM/ODM for chain stores. Our mission is to provide the better quality for reasonable price to its market, and food safety is our first priorities, we complied all HACCP, ISO22000 and USFDA regulations.  Moreover, with 23 years of experiences we are not only provide great products but also provide great training and services to our customers. The one stop shopping for all your needs. Join us, the new and highest service that you can count on.


Shop in Guang Zhou, China


Customer Brand in Vietnam, from setup the menu, training on site, decorations and layout.


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Customer brand in Sydney Australia


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