Year Established: 1979
Category:  F&B Supplies and Equipment
Store in Taiwan:  1
Store in Oversea:  Export to China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, South Korea, Ireland
Franchise Type:  Manufacturer, Trading Company



Shang Dao Food Ltd. Co.

was founded from 1979 years. There are 40-years rich ex-periences in our own RD baked to create various special flavors of coffee beans. Since 70 dynasties bubble milk tea was hot in which period our Shang Dao still rolled a his-torical creationist. Such as Hong Kong, Macao, America and so on all are our national standard marketing. There is one important point needs to mention that is we are the first one company entered MOC to produce, open stores, create brands and promote.For this reason, we won many flourishes popular and created different types of stores in many locations.

Fruit flavored syrup

A variety of flavored syrup, most of them contains above 10% juice.

It is easy to use and suitable for making hand-shaked beverage. 

       1.  Peach syrup 
       2. Lemon syrup
                  3.  Yellow apple syrup

4.  White grape syrup   

5.  Rose flavored syrup

6.  Lychee syrup

Bubble / Pearl


It’s can be used as an ingredient for fruit tea, diary drinks, ice products or made into drinks such as bubble milk tea and passionate double cannon.