Year Established: 1983
Category:  Handmade Drinks&Chinese Cuisine
Stores in Taiwan: 55
Stores in Oversea: Japan:19, Hong Kong:10
Franchise Type:  Regional Franchise


Since 1983, Chun Shui Tung has led the revolution in tea culture. The bubble black tea was invented due to the incorporation of the world's history tea-drinking view and to the creativity which boldly transformed the traditional hot tea into the cold sweet tea. In1986, using the sensitive taste and innovative thought, Chun Shui Tang combined the milk tea with the local snack "Fenyuan", and created the special order among customers. In March 1987, Pearl milk tea was officially launched, which turned into contemporary Taiwan's national drink and set a precedent for putting food ingredients into cold tea drinks. Since then, tea has became diverse and interesting.

Chun Shui Tung has adhered to a careful attitude and gentle heart for three decades years to make a cup of the world's top tea so that customers can delightfully enjoy it. In the future, we will keep discovering the infinite possibilities of tea with innovative thinking.



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