Year Established: 2016
Category:  Bubble Tea & Drink
Stores in Taiwan: 2
Franchise Type:  Regional Franchise,Materials



“Ingredient”, using the simplest taste and simple ingredients to make a cup of tea that makes people feel warm.

“Quality”, making a good quality tea is our promise to customers.

“Service”, inherit the daily life of childhood, and remember that a cup of good taste in memory. The most beautiful scenery in Taiwan is people, and the strongest taste in Taiwan is our ancient taste.

Mesona Tea: Simple but favorite, centennial grass, the golden ratio in THREE IN.

Bubble Milk Tea: Chewy bubble, strong milk fragrance, smooth taste.

Mungbean Smoothie: Hand-cooked no addition, fragrant and smooth, fresh and quenching thirst.

THREE IN, let us protect the Taiwanese taste of childhood memories together.

Our Service

We provide three method for customer, Brand Authorized, Technology Transfer and Material Trading



The first, Brand Authorized. We have complete Brand CIS and education training plan.


The second, Technology Transfer. Because we start from 1989, we have20 years experiences, so we offer customized.

Provide catalog for customer to select product, for example colorful jelly bubble, we can cooperate with you.


The third, Material Trading. We provide the material and also provide logistics.

If customer purchase stuff from other company like equipment, customer allow gather stuff in our logistics, and we’ll help customer shipping.