We are the largest and most experienced chain and franchise promotion organization in Taiwan.Currently we have over 350 members in 110 franchise sectors, operating more than 200,000 units with over one million employees, generating up to NT 1 trillion annually. Our members play a pivotal role behind Taiwan’s economic growth and job opportunities


Since our association was established in 1995, we have spared no efforts to live up to our objectives of rendering all available services to members and boosting  interchanges among them. We have tried hard to help members to keep up on the latest trends by absorbing up-to-date knowhow. As an encouraging result,all members have developed themselves into sound franchising systems under the integral supporting and guiding mechanism of the Association.




We have hosted a number of such large-scale events that have been known for being some of the largest and most professional international franchise exhibition. We will also contact other fellow associations around the world to join the exhibition. The fruits attained in the international exhibition embody partly our efforts to guide franchisors into perpetuity and into the leading position in the world.

International Markets

We have promptly designed and arranged on-the-spot learning programs for members, and assist them to developed markets in the international markets. Members have closely teamed up with their foreign counterparts in inter-visits, data exchange and bringing foreign companies into Taiwan markets or elsewhere in close cooperation, and guiding members on how to develop new markets.

International Workshops

We keep our members up with the current market trends by hosting workshops. These workshops are meant to keep our members informed with the latest information and teach them recent market developments for both the domestic and the international markets.

Education and Training

Education and training represents the very key to sound entrepreneurial growth. This is exactly the role we play. The workshops that we provide have some of the finest and most talented teachers from the chain and franchise industry. We have hosted numerous education and training workshops, such as “Chain and Franchise Strategies”, “Retail Store Management” and “Chain and Franchise Management”.

Industry Strategic Branches

We also established 4 branches in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung up to 2010. With these branches there are regular meetings held for the member franchisors to share their business experiences. By doing this, they will then become a self-growing system.

Member Workshops

We positively promote an exchange of information and experiences between our members regularly on a monthly base by conducting workshops. Such activities include dinners, trips to local business and many other types of activities that will benefit our members.

Franchisors Support

Consistently, we plays the very key role in passing experiences and know-how onto the next generations through rendering franchise consultation and guiding support in business administration.

Industry Information

We keep our members up to date with the latest information containing the chain and franchise market. We have also furthered our strength by continuously updating our website functions and platforms. Through e-journals, we have kept our members up-to-the-minute with our most recent activities.

Cross-Strait Franchise Business Center

In 2009, ACFPT set up the “Cross-Strait Franchise Business Center” in Shanghai, China to help our members with brand development in the Chinese market. This center also provides members with overseas service and knowledge of local laws, tax codes, renting an office, local market studies and local expertise. By opening up this center, our members can take full advantage of the intermediary expertise that we give them to help promote their Taiwan brand.